This workshop is a fly-through the world where data drive the customer-centric decisions.
It’s a 45 mins executive version of the two-days customer analytics course taught by the presenters from team which in the last three years deployed similar solutions to commercial banks, telecommunication companies, e-commerce and retailers on three continents.

The workshop will teach audience practical steps in real-life projects in analytics.

It will have quick practical reviews of Segmentations, Customer life-time value, Churn analysis, Dynamic pricing and even elements of network analysis from both the mathematical view of the data scientist and the business view of a decision maker. You will understand, how these classical customer analytics use cases are related to each other and what you need to take into consideration while developing them. Never the last, we will explain what were the practical limitations and pain points during the real implementations. The main benefit for the audience will be hearing where we succeeded or failed in with the nice machine learning theory meeting reality.

The form of the workshop will be presentation with snippets of R and Python code which we will leave for the audience to run by themselves afterwards. That means, that the course does necessarily not require coding skills, but its a plus. We will try to show 80% of key important concepts in 20% of time.

Liubomyr Bregman

Liubomyr is a Senior Consultant in Data Analytics practice of PwC. He participated in numerous projects working with Customer Analytics, Financial Crime Analytics, and Financial modeling. Prior to PwC, Liubomyr worked as data scientist on a project basis at banks, consulting companies, software vendors, and data science boutiques. He was responsible for statistical and econometric modeling and delivering the business insights. He studied Economics and Econometrics at the Center of Economic Research & Graduate Education (Charles University and Czech Academy of Science).

Richard Bobek

Richard is a data scientist with end-to-end experience with definition, design, PoC and implementation of various machine learning and risk management solutions and systems.
Last five years he was working in different roles from back-end developer to client facing consultant for various clients in financial industry worldwide.
Currently he is leading the PwC team developing a new risk scoring model for one of the largest Czech banks.

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Workshop Room B
Liubomyr Bregman, Richard Bobek