The talk is about two very similar problems – face and person recognition and re-id. But as we all know “the devil is in the details” that’s why the talk focuses both on the sameness and on the difference of two problems. In the talk, it will be described and compared SOTAs for both problems, shared practical experience and provided some “do and don’ts.”

Oleksandr Obiednikov

Oleksandr Obiednikov is the Head of Face Recognition department at RingUkraine. He has wide experience in computer vision, sound analysis, deep learning, and machine learning. Oleksandr is also a frequent speaker at various conferences and meet-ups. Previously, Oleksandr taught ML at LITS Kharkiv, CS@UCU, KWSchool on Data Analysis and a few other schools.

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Track A (Upper Floor)
Oleksandr Obiednikov