Have you ever been curious what features can be extracted from written text? Have you ever wondered what a syntactic dependency is or how it can be useful? During this workshop, we will dive into the language structure and use linguistic intuition to solve a natural language processing problem.

The plan of the workshop:

  • introduction to structural linguistics, specifically morphology and syntax
  • natural language corpora and ways to process them
  • feature design for an error correction task
  • ambiguities in natural language

Mariana Romanyshyn

Computational linguist passionate about building natural language processing applications. Mariana has professional experience in such areas as syntactic parsing, sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, fact extraction, text anonymization, and a few more. For the last three years, she has been working on error correction and text improvement algorithms at Grammarly. Mariana cares a lot about computational linguistics in Ukraine, constantly looks for talented linguists, and spreads the word about the field of NLP by participating at AI conferences, collaborating with Ukrainian universities and organizing educational events (courses, meetups, summer schools). Her main interest is structural linguistics as a method of formalizing the natural language.

Event Timeslots (1)

Workshop Room A
Mariana Romanyshyn